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You Need Balls, Cojones to Succeed as an Expat

One of Cojones UK's mantras is - "why are you trying so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out?"

As an expat you probably feel that you already stand out. Although perhaps for all the wrong reasons of course.

So why do we all in general try so hard to fit in? Well, there is one very simple reason and that is, when we are young, we are conditioned to fit in for the sake of living in harmony with society.

The Cojones preaching line is “By all means, stand out”, and be different. Being different is ultimately what gives you a Unique Selling Point, a USP.

Is striving to always fit in and be the same as others our parent's and teachers' fault then? Well, of course, everything is our parents and teachers fault isn't it? My parents got rid of my pet Golden Retriever when I was a 13 year old, and I haven't forgiven them. My dad stopped me going to acting classes when I was a kid - didn't he know I had the ‘hots’ for some nubile young blonde?

But whilst there is an element of jest in my voice, it's largely true. From the moment we are out of the crib, we are taught what NOT to do. Don't pull the dog's tail. Don't put your fingers in the electric socket. Don't pick your nose.

Of course, much of this is done for our own safety, but much of it is for the propriety of living in a society in which we are encouraged to 'fit in' and be the same as everyone else. How bloody boring.

Don't get me wrong, I follow most of society's norms, as well as the standard biblical Ten Commandments. I don't kill, I don't commit adultery (yes, I do love my wife), etc, although I can't say I 'Love my neighbour', as she's a right miserable cow. But, what's wrong with being an individual or going against the grain? Absolutely nothing.

Yet our role models and society knocks it out of us at an early age.

Most of the people you look up to, the entertainers, the sportspeople, the businesspeople, or whoever, have had the balls, the Cojones, to forget about society's norms, to forget about the messages of what you can't do, and get right on and do the very opposite.

Cojones UK was born out of embracing what is different about me personally. Most people wish they could do the same and embrace that place in them, but are simply too fearful.

I say, to hell with it!

You, as an expat, the moment you start living here may have been considered different by others, and of course by you yourself probably. Different sounding name, different culture, different way of life etc . regardless of the UK being a very open society.

Again, look at all the success stories. They are largely people who have been bold, audacious and had Cojones. Well, you need to go out and do the same, for the right reasons, and there are many expats here, who have done exactly that, and succeeded.

I talk to numerous companies set up by expats here and elsewhere, using he or she as a classic example, that standing out is not a disadvantage, it can be a huge advantage in any ambitious endeavours you may have

It would be a pleasure to talk to your organisation and/ or any event you are arranging. I’m certainly not afraid to be different, I’m rather proud of it.

In fact, I like being the difference that makes a difference.

So, as our motto goes, let me ask ..........."Isn't it time YOU grew a pair?!"

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